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Japan's Philanderers Stay Faithful to Their 'Infidelity Phones'

Japan s Philanderers Stay Faithful to Their Infidelity Phones WSJ com


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"Women may want to check my phone for strange emails or calls when I'm not around. With Fujitsu's 'privacy mode,' they can't see that information at all," he said in an email. "The key is to give off the impression that you're not locking your phone at all." Fujitsu's "privacy mode" is a layer of nearly invisible security that hides missed calls, emails and text messages from contacts designated as private. If one of those acquaintances gets in touch, the only signal of that communication is a subtle change in the color or shape of how the battery sign or antenna bars are displayed. If ignored, the call doesn't appear in the phone log.

Although I like features that maintain privacy, I don't like features that make it easy to lie.

So I'm torn about this.

There are legitimate uses: Lawyer, child or ex that your girlfriend doesn't like.  New company for an interview.  Another client while you are at a different client.

Ok but what's the ratio of legitimate use to bad use?

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