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Grantland Sports Guy makes his 2013 NFL divisional playoffs picks

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Packers (+3) over NINERS

My fears for picking against the Niners: The inevitable split-screen shot of Jim Harbaugh vs. Mike McCarthy that will make my stomach sink � any shot of Dom Capers in the booth � Kaepernick scampering around and doing Kaepernick things � Randy Moss haunting the Pack one last time � the 57 replays they're going to show of T.O.'s superhuman catch to beat Favre's Packers in the '98 playoffs � what happened in Week 1 � the thought of the Packers dominating the game and somehow blowing it because of poor clock management, shaky kicking, poor tackling and all the other stuff that submarines a team in the playoffs. God, I wish I trusted their defense more.

My fears for picking the Niners: Backing a first-year starter � going against Aaron Rodgers in Eff You Mode � no Mario Manningham � going against Aaron Rodgers in Eff You Mode � a limited Justin Smith � going against Aaron Rodgers in Eff You Mode � what Brady did to the Niners in the second half of their game (and the similarities between Green Bay's offense and New England's offense) � this clip.

I can't do it. I can't go against Rodgers. I just think the guy is great.

The Pick: Green Bay 31, San Francisco 27

Aaron Rodgers in Eff You Mode is a very frightening thing.

I could see either the Packers or the Niners winning the Superbowl this year.

Tough call. It really depends on who makes fewer mistakes.

Would love to see Kaepernick scampering around doing Kaepernick things. :)

As it turned out, neither won. Niners made it to the Superbowl only to be crushed by the Ravens.


crushed is a strong word. 

of course. 

You can see it whenever his confidence is waning. 

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