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How do I change my profile picture?

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I must be an idiot. ;(

If you authenticated first with LinkedIn, there's no way to change your avatar from the Orca yet. This is a Known Issue (TM) that we will be fixing soon.

To change the picture on your profile page go to Profile and upload it. Note that this will not change your avatar.

New: To change your First Name, Last Name, Username, or Email address, go to the Settings page and click to change.

The Settings page also lets you change your notification preferences.

Aha, I signed up using LinkedIn and it picked up an Orca for me.

Ah, the killer whale is our homage to killer apps... :)

I just surrendered my Twitter account to you, but I'm still the Orca. No you can't post on my Facebook account!

Of course we won't post on your Facebook account.

But thanks for letting me know so we can fix this.

I added my Facebook account, but I'm still the Orca. Just call me tofuorca!

We have rolled out a change that lets you change the Orca:

Go to Profile, and click the "Choose File" button to upload a picture by hitting the "Submit" button.

Once that picture is uploaded, your avatar will change to the new picture.


We'll be doing a fix for this very soon! Right now the thumbnail and profile pic systems are separate, and because it created so much confusion we removed the widget that lets you upload new profile pics. It's coming back soon, and it will be very simple and usable.

Thank you for making the changes -- now we can make whatever avatars we like!

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