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Evernote buys Penultimate and is on a Collision Course with Dropbox

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I had thought Evernote was on a collision course with Dropbox.

Now I'm not so sure.

Buying Penultimate says to me that Evernote is focusing on its note-taking service first and foremost:

Smart move to suck all the oxygen out of the note taking space before moving on to conquer other lands.

So now Evernote is on a collision course with Paper.

I see Dropbox as more of a digital warehouse and Evernote as a digital notebook. One is for storage of big files, the other is optimized for immediate reference.

Also: Was pretty impressed with the Dropbox iPad app. Just installed it yesterday. :)

So do you believe Evernote and Dropbox will never compete?

And agreed, the Dropbox iPad app is great.

I think they'll compete but not like Mercedes and BMW just yet. Facebook and Twitter both have streams and status updates but, at the very least, the cultures around them are different enough that people usually use them very differently even if, technically, you could achieve many of the same goals with both. I treat my Evernote and Dropbox accounts very differently even if I could technically kluge one into doing the other's job. I think they both could easily target the other guys territory by adding a few features but right now I don't see either as optimized for that.

Evernote is billed as an expansion pack for your brain and never forget anything. (personal notebook)

Dropbox is all about MB and GB of storage. Recommend a friend? MORE FREE STORAGE!!! (big huge warehouse)

***I could be totally alone in this perception. If I'm crazy somebody please speak up.

I think you're 100 percent correct.

Evernote is about memory. Dropbox is about storage.

It's only a small set of people who see these as points on the same line.

I lumped them together because my primary use case for both is search.

It took 3 years but Dropbox is working on an Evernote competitor:

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