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Be yourself because you never know who'd like the true you.

I think more people would find their soul-mate love…if they stopped caring what others think.

If they stopped worrying how to fit in.

Why don’t more people be true to themselves and be 100% who they want to be.? Exception to those who do things bad enough to get them to prison etc.(you know Hitler type people).

I mean dress how you want,eat what you want,go where you want.

Being false might get you more friends (in with the popular crowd)…will it get you happiness? (I don;t mean false nails false, I mean acting out of character).

If you are 100% true to yourself and be the personality you feel most comfortable with…surely you will be happier with who ever falls in love with you.

So, many dates fail to turn into a long term relationship because on the date the person wasn’t true to themselves…so, the person down the line gets comfy with the other and well isn’t how the person who they dated saw them in first place.

The girl may dress differently to what she would day to day to get the guy…or he might hide some facts about himself with conversation he gives. For examples…

(Rant over)

Morel of rant

be yourself because you never know who might like the true you.

Bankei opened a Zen school not far away from another Buddhist school. Over a few weeks, many students from the other school began to attend Bankei's lectures. Eventually the other school's Master called on Bankei, who was in the middle of a lecture. The other Master scolded his students for abandoning his school, and yelled at Bankei, saying that *his* teacher could perform miracles such as walking on water and signing his name from the other side of a river. Bankei replied, "My miracle is that when I'm hungry, I eat, and when I am tired, I sleep."

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