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Sad bride on a subway. This doesn't look good.

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Keep your distance, OP

there there gif

well it'd be a waste of a dress and hair and makeup if she just went home like that... time to PARTY!!!! only once because I am not sure I want to know why this happened, it could go both ways on this one.

So many potential stories...

Imgurians are a compassionate group as a hole: (intentional)

*Taking this picture was kind of a full on dick move...

*I hope to hell you tried to comfort her after taking this picture.

*She could just be fucking wasted.

Redditors are more compassionate because they figured out the story behind the photo:

I might like Reddit a little too much.  It's where I get all my crucial learning.

*The phrase "sick as a parrot" has entered my lexicon.

*It was new to me too; the explanation is pretty funny:

"To avoid United States quarantine and livestock importing restrictions, people smuggling parrots from South America into the US dope the birds on tequila as they near the Mexican border. Careful timing of the binge will ensure that the birds are sleeping it off through the border crossing formalities and will not greet the officials with a mouthful of verbals as is the breed's wont. Having thus avoided detection, the downside for the exotic loudmouths is coming to with the mother and father of a hangover. This queasiness manifests itself in the origin of the expression."


Yeah Imgur does not have enough space to actually explain things.

Reddit benefits by allowing its users to write paragraphs when needed.

And I had not heard of "sick as a parrot" before this.

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