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Tumblr Blog “Actual Facebook Graph Searches” Goes Viral | TechCrunch

Tumblr Blog Actual Facebook Graph Searches Goes Viral TechCrunch


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Well, that didn’t take long. Facebook Graph Search is now its own Tumblr meme: “Actual Facebook Graph Searches.” The site dials up the social media rubbernecking-slash-privacy outrage to a whole new level: user submissions. It’s like that Gizmodo post was turned into an entire blog, edited by everyone. The blog is now blowing up on Hacker News. It’s getting tweeted. The site’s creator says traffic is ridiculous. But does it have a real message?


“Don’t worry, we’ll all be used to this in a few weeks’ time,” reads the Tumblr blog’s cheeky tagline.

But will we? After all, having your wife discover that you “like prostitutes” or your boss find out that you’re a fan of “racism” could, oh, I don’t know, maybe cause a few problems down the road? (Best to check and re-check those privacy settings before this Graph Search thing exits beta.)

Tom Scott, who recently launched the site, says he’s not sure he’s making any deeper point about privacy with the Tumblr blog, though.

“As has happened so many times with Facebook, this data was always available – but it wasn’t this easy to find,” he tells me. “While Graph Search jokes are a good demonstration to startle people into checking their privacy settings, most people will never actually be affected by it. Most of the danger online comes not from strangers making half-assed joke searches: it comes from people who know you,” he adds.

I listed my favorites here:

Facebook Graph Search, oy. What a disaster.

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