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How a $20 MVP has made me $X0,000

How a 20 MVP has made me X0 000


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Marc, I like it! An MVP for making MVPs...

So I bought a theme from Themeforest (roughly $20) and decided to go meta. Make as minimal an MVP as I can, that validates my hypothesis.

I have one call to action button which is a simple 'mailto:' button - that launches your email client. Perfect? No.....but it gets the job done. People that want an MVP built, don't want to have to interact with a fancy system. They just want the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with me. Email is that way.

I worked on the copy, got my portfolio together and just put it together in a day or 2.

Then, I used Github Pages to host it (free) along with Google Apps (also free) and launched.

Tweeted it, posted on HN, and wrote a guest post on Techcrunch.

I am pleased to announce that it has been validated many times over.

I have gotten multiple projects directly from 5KMVP - at least 1 of which is a multiple of a 5KMVP. It is a multi-phase project that is broken up into manageable chunks. 

Will steer people in this dirction:

Thanks Adam :)

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