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Make a delicious €1 bread with 10 minutes of effort.

Make a delicious 1 bread with 10 minutes of effort


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30 seconds.

The amount shown here is somewhat close to 0.4 litres.


30 seconds.


150 seconds.

The majority of the flour should be wheat, unless you plan to make some kind of barely edible brick.


60 seconds.

Sunflower seeds are a very good choice for decorations!


120 seconds.

The dough will be very sticky now. Deal with it.


30 seconds.


30 seconds.

The banana and the bread are the same distance away from the glass door.


30 seconds.

Add 120 seconds for cleaning, and you have spent a total of 10 minutes working on the bread.

As for the price, the bread shown here would be roughly €1 in Norway. A bread made only with wheat, and without the sunflower and pumpkin seeds, would be closer to 25 cents.


The bananas are for scale.

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