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Grinch deleting people off my Facebook gif

Grinch deleting people off my Facebook gif hate double hate loathe entirely imgur tumblr


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It is amazing how hard Facebook makes it to delete people you're connected to.

Blocking works better. 

And if you think that's hard, try removing yourself from a shared pinboard on pinterest.  Their javascript is so broken that you can't even pull down the menu.

I've never managed to get myself off a shared Pinterest board.

Did you say that Facebook has blocking? Great, now I just need to be able to find it.

Still haven't found Facebook blocking. So I delete. 

Ha! You have reached the limit of friends anyway:) Which I think is pretty funny--that one can have a limit of "friends." 

What's funny is that once I hit the friend limit my usage of Facebook went down 99%.

I'm hardly ever there now because I'm so annoyed by the "5000 friend limit feature".

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