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Decreasing 64-bit Tweet ID in JavaScript | Web App Log

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Thanks for the link!

I'm still trying to understand why JavaScript can only handle 53 bits.

Why more? LiveScript in 1995 was designed for completely different purposes (e.g. blink text, DHTML).

18 years later, it might be a good time for a re-think of the uses of JavaScript. :)

Adam, it's already happened. Node-> new PHP, easy and powerful yet more efficient and more elegant (syntax in PHP is a mess), lots of devs and good community. Meteor, Derby and are doing great things, soon there won't get front-end and back-end and database layers. It will be one stack/layer! One language with live, real-time binding!

Heh, part of me says SWEET.

The other part of me knows it will be several years before such stacks can support tens of millions of users in production, so I'll patiently wait for all the bugs to get worked out.

Node isn't even at 1.0 yet, right?

Those services don't use Node to serve their whole websites, right?

I thought Node was just used in subsystems but is not ready to replace Java (LinkedIn), PHP (Yahoo), and C# (eBay) as the foundation of their service?

"Node-> new PHP"

Not really. Ubiquity of cheap hosting is still a killer feature of PHP that no one has matched. The learning curve for Node dev is also much, much steeper. That doesn't mean JS on the server or Node particularly is without value -- I'm a fan myself -- but enthusiasm should not lead to exaggeration.

@Azat: You're being arrogant and condescending. I'm very able to see the future, and I also have plenty of perspective. I'm glad you're happy with the tech, and I like it too, but you're exaggerating. You're smart enough to think critically. Start doing it, and stop being a fanboy.

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