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How does a startup go from 0 to 10 million users in a month? Facebook's open graph.

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Nabeel Hyatt writes:

Why is it that Viddy, Socialcam, Pinterest, and others have suddenly accelerated their growth in such a short timeframe? The surface answer is, of course, the integration with Facebook’s open graph.

This is how Pinterest got 10 million users in a year, and how Viddy, Socialcam, and Chill have gotten 10 million users in a month:

The fourth wave, which has just begun it seems, is Facebook open graph for rapid adoption, propelling to the top of the Apple App Store to spread to the mainstream, combined with dozens of nuanced product decisions that are in weekly flux right now. While this phase will eventually subside, Facebook is more than just playing around. If you doubted tthe seriousness of its role in growth on mobile, it topped off its recent moves by launching its own app store, with even more to come. They will be swinging heavy.

I wonder how much loyalty people have to applications that grow that quickly.

One thing is for sure: The Rules of Facebook Open Graph are ever-changing.

Beware using Facebook Social Readers to grow your application.

One day Facebook will wipe out that channel entirely:

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