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#LINSANITY describes Jeremy Lin's salary dilemma.

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Will Leitch explains a complicated situation:

If Lin, who has never made more than the league minimum and may only have one chance to cash in, takes what he is worth, the team he's going to be playing for will be demonstratively worse. If he takes less than he's worth, he may be wasting the best earning opportunity he'll ever have.

The issue here is something called an "apron" and a hard cap.

So the Knicks are stuck here, as is Jeremy Lin:

If Lin's agent demands more than $3 million — or if another team offers him more than $3 million and the Knicks match it — the Knicks are stuck with a hard cap; they'll only have $3 million to spend on the rest of their roster, which is, essentially, pennies.

They cannot pay him what he's worth or the team will suck.

It's hard to be a hero in the NBA.

Fascinating moral dilemma.

It truly is. Why should Jeremy Lin be loyal to the Knicks here when he could find a team that can pay him what he's worth AND build a great team around him?

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