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NEOTOKYO Official Trailer - YouTube

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This game is a Half Life 2 multiplayer mod and it's pretty old at this point but I still haven't seen any game that gets the feel of an anime/cyberpunk future. Deus Ex gets close but is single player only.

Haha I didn't read the bio that you had put up so when I started watching this all I was thinking was "Counterstrike" lol.

But what REALLY is cool is when you go to write a comment and when you enter it in you find out that you are not who you think you are and you give the credit to someone else. Just like how this previous statement was done. Trip off that. haha

Both half life and counter strike use the same game engine, so it makes sense. They should have auto-log out or something.

Funny, I work at a console game studio. Didn't expect to hear discussion of Half Life and Deus Ex here -- just at work. :)

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