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Epic Sax Guy!


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Epic wingardium leviosa

10 hour version for when you need to dream beautiful dreams.

I'm going to sleep with this running all night. Awesome.

I love his little dance, too!

Epic Sax Guy gif

How does the 10 hour version have 3.6 million views when the original only has 1 million??

Looking on YouTube there are so many Saxroll remixes...

Can we not call him a sax guy since he's not actually playing anything?

His name on the Internet these days is Saxroll since he's the new Rickroll.

He is so much cooler than the lame violin guy.

He truly is, Nick. He truly is.

Epic Sax Guy gif

Nick, I can't get enough of Epic Sax guy! Does he need a partner?

If so, this kid might be available:

Epic sax guy sidekick kid gif

lol his sidekick

Needs more sidekicks!

epic sax guy gif

epic sax guy gif

epic sax guy gif

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