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For $75, This Guy Will Sell You 1,000 Facebook 'Likes' : Planet Money : NPR

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Wanna buy a watch?

"In some cases, there are no people involved at all. Those fake accounts are controlled by robots and create fake data."

This is true for Twitter as well as Facebook.

I think half the business of Fiverr is selling social media shortcuts.

I'd be curious to see trends in price fluctuations. Was it more expensive when few people knew this was going on? Can you get better "quality" people and bots for more money? (Not all in Egypt, etc.)

It was more expensive at the beginning, yes.

No one has specialized on quality yet, but that might be coming soon.

This actually sounds pretty reasonable. I went through their pricing pages. If that's true, they've been able to quantify something valuable--despite the puerile nature of the deal. I'd pay $75 just for the exposure of some of my fun pages (not for monetary gain).

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