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Twitter wants an Interest Graph. NOW.

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Rip Empson says in TechCrunch that Twitter will start personalizing Who to Follow “based on accounts followed by other Twitter users and visits to websites in the Twitter ecosystem”:

This means that Twitter is culling the data that it receives from other websites that are utilizing its buttons/widgets, identifying the accounts that are most followed by people who visit those sites, and recommending it to you based on similarities with those users in your own Twitter activity.

That's right, Twitter is now using your web browsing to create an Interest Graph that they'll use to tell you which Twitter accounts you should follow.

Once they have this system honed, I have no doubt they will use it for Interest Graph-based advertising, too.

Twitter's blog post about this has more details.

Still, I wonder:

Is watching someone's web surfing a good way to create an Interest Graph?

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