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First 47 Super Bowls Summarized -- "No Team Has Ever..."

first 47 Super Bowls Summarized No Team Has Ever


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Super Bowl 47 will be remembered for the 109-yard touchdown run, the 35-minute power outage, and the 49ers almost coming back from 28-6 but coming up short in the final "first and goal" drive and losing 34-31 because they ran out of time.

Mathematically, it's all about the turnovers, not the firsts....

That's astonishing.

But it makes sense: if two teams are good enough to get into the Super Bowl, the one that makes fewer mistakes is most likely to win it., this:  no president has ever summarized.

xkcd 1122 no president has ever meme Imgur

Wow, no white guy mentioned on Twitter has ever won the Presidency. That's true. 

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