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I've seen worse. ~Black Widow

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One of the more memorable moments from The Avengers.



Can we take a moment to talk about the fact that the Black Widow is properly scared of the Hulk… I don’t know if anyone noticed the tears in her eyes in the first gif. I mean, she’s the Black Widow, you need something really serious to make her cry. But in front of him, she’s just a girl, like every other girls. She knows that he is stronger, bigger than her, that he is a “mindless beast” and that he could kill her, destroy her, yet she convinces him to come on board, knowing the risks, and she fights with him, and she never gives up her mission, even after the Hulk attacked her. Her fear makes her human, but she’s more than that, she’s a spy, she started very young, she knows how emotions work perfectly, probably more than anyone else and she knows how to deal with hers and how to fight them. And that’s cool. I guess.

I think it's the emotions in The Avengers that make it better than most superhero movies.

Our heroes aren't flawless and they do their best to manage their emotions.

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