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Beyonce Illuminati ?!

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Beyonce made the Illuminati sign at Super Bowl 47 ?!?!?!

Prior to Beyonce’s performance, the founder of SuperPAC Elect a New Congress William Fawell called for a boycott of the halftime show. He asserted that Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s music celebrated the “modern criminal police state” and that the performance would be un-American. The morning following the performance, Fawell declared in an email to U.S. News’ Washington Whispers blog that the diamond-shaped hand gesture Beyonce made at the end of her performance was proof that she was a part of the Illuminati, a group named after an 18th century secret society that is allegedly part of a conspiracy to create a totalitarian government for the entire globe known as the New World Order.

I'd say it's crazy but the real question is, is it crazy in love?

Beyonce Illuminati gif

Beyonce illuminati gif

Beyonce illuminati gif

Beyonce illuminati sign jay-z

This is a hoax, right? Where is Snopes on this issue?

Illuminati Beyonce Super Bowl gif

Snopes is busy worrying about "All the Single Ladies".


Jay-z illuminati mason

Beyonce's Masonic satanic choreography - all the single ladies

Beyonce ugh people

All the answers can be found, if you are sufficiently observant, in this recent documentary:

I should have known Anna Kendrick had something to do with this!

Anna Kendrick gif

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