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Mophie for iPhone 5

Mophie for iPhone 5 finally available


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Christina Bonnington cheers:

The iPhone 5 finally has its own Mophie juice pack battery case to call its own, the Juice Pack Helium. The 1,500 mAh battery-toting case boosts your iPhone 5′s battery life by 80 percent, and is 13 percent thinner than Mophie’s previous iPhone juice packs.

We’ve been waiting for this since the iPhone came out. Mophie’s juice pack iPhone cases are lifesaver at conferences or all-day events where you’re constantly checking, reading, tapping and typing on your phone. They also excel at protecting your handset while supplying additional battery power to extend your phone’s life. We love Mophie cases because they’re tougher than an organic chemistry final and sleeker than a lot of cases out there. The juice pack charges via micro USB, and when your encased iPhone is plugged in, both are charged. A standby switch keeps the juice pack off until you decide you need the extra power.

The Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 is $80. Available in two hues, “dark metallic” begins shipping Feb. 14, and “silver metallic” ships early March.

Just in time for Apple to introduce iPhone 5s and iPhone 5+ ...

But yes, I love the Mophie for iPhone 4. Great product; makes the iPhone even better.

There are two flavors of Mophie for iPhone 5.

Helium is lighter, Air offers more power.


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