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The Times Was Right to Report -- at Last -- on a Secret Drone Base | The Public Editor -

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One of its revelations is the location of a drone base in Saudi Arabia. The Times and other news organizations, including The Washington Post, had withheld the location of that base at the request of the C.I.A., but The Times decided to reveal it now because, according to the managing editor Dean Baquet, it was at the heart of this particular article and because examining Mr. Brennan’s role demanded it.

“It was central to the story because the architect of the base and drone program is nominated to head the C.I.A.,” Mr. Baquet told me on Wednesday. In past stories, he said, the location of the base “was a footnote.”

The government’s rationale for asking that the location be withheld was this: Revealing it might jeopardize the existence of the base and harm counterterrorism efforts.  ”The Saudis might shut it down because the citizenry would be very upset,” he said.

Mr. Baquet added, “We have to balance that concern with reporting the news.”  The need to tell this particular story accurately trumped the government’s concerns.

Doesn't reporting a secret Drone Base in Saudi Arabia endanger a lot of lives?

I am not sure I buy the Times' argument here either.  Talking about secret bases might have been good enough during the public senate hearings without mentioning specific sites.  Right?

That's what I was thinking. The important piece of information is that secret bases exist.

NOT where they are. That should stay classified.

Geege!  PJ Harvey is another one of my favorite musicians!  You rock!  !!!!!

:-)   "I've seen and drone things I want to forget"

I had to look it up. Great song.

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