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Can’t Catch Me- Native Apps will always be ahead of web apps.

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Will the web always be behind native apps? Daniel Jalkut makes a pretty compelling argument in his post.

The problem with the game of catch-up, is you only ever win if your target is moving slower than you are, or better yet if they stop completely.

He also makes a great point about skating to where the puck will be, rather than where it is:

And catching up is hard for many reasons, not least of which that they have no idea where the desktop is going. None of us do, and Apple’s announcement yesterday of the iPad is a great example of this.

Very prescient for him to write this in January 2010:

I imagine in 5 or 10 years the web will have caught up to something resembling how desktops behave today. But I can’t even begin to imagine what we’ll have at our fingertips on the desktop, by then. iPad? We ain’t seen nothing yet.

He's correct unless Apple slows down the way Microsoft has slowed down.

The Web is relentless, and it's the platform the most people and companies have long-term investment in.

In the meantime, both platforms will keep getting better.

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