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If SnapChat is the Next Big Thing...

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If SnapChat is the Next Big Thing....


It pretty much is the only exploding consumer app this year.

To be clear, SnapChat is a sexting app, right?

Like Instagram, but dirtier.

Which is why SnapChatters DON'T want to connect to Facebook.

Like Tumblr, but less Webby.

60 million snaps per day.

Raises $13.5 million from Benchmark:

Either this is completely nuts or it's brilliant.

I find the app unusable so now I'm officially old.

I highly doubt there are 60M boob/dick shots being sent around PER DAY. You have to look beyond that obvious/simple media story and realize that people outside the valley don't all care about/desire data permanance. For many who share devices, SnapChat affords deniability and real privacy; Facebook has proven time and time again a willingness to dredge up the past and make it more accessible; if technology isn't your life, that's a terrifying thought. SnapChat negates that fear by simply removing its institutional memory. 

Chris, you're right.

Just like not all of Tumblr is porn.

I'm interested in seeing what SnapChat's future is.

Benchmark is betting it's Instagram.

Right now I'm thinking it's GroupMe.