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Lunch Hour NYC | Summary of Lunch Hour NYC

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“Every thing is done differently in New York from anywhere else—but in eating the difference is more striking than in any other branch of human economy.” —George Foster, New York in Slices, 1849 The clamor and chaos of lunch hour in New York has been a defining feature of the city for some 150 years. Visitors, newly arrived immigrants, and even longtime New Yorkers are struck by the crowds, the rush, and the dizzying range of foods on offer. Of the three meals that mark the American day, lunch is the one that acquired its modern identity here on the streets of New York.

I think you could eat in a different decent restaurant in New York every meal for 10 years.

365 days x 3/day = ~1000/year.

Yeah, there are probably 10,000 decent restaurants in NYC.

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