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I Sze what you did there ...

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Wow, @sarahcuda praises @davidsze for not taking himself too seriously.

And then casually mentions that David is looking for new startups to fund:

I noticed even Sarah's conclusion about Digg a few months ago:

"The lesson from Digg is crucial as Silicon Valley’s ecosystem has made it easier and easier to start a company. It’s that a great product is necessary but not nearly enough. Building a real company is harder, and it takes execution and leadership. Things like a New York-based CEO and a sometimes-distracted co-founder took a toll on Digg in its most pivotal days. As I wrote in my book a year after that cover, startups reflect their founders’ personalities. Back then, Slide was characterized by silent intensity, Facebook was like a messy, pizza-stained dorm room, and Digg? Well, Digg’s offices were empty most evenings."

She claims that Twitter is the winner in the market pioneered by Digg.

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