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Klout | A blank "homepage" for 2 months

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Klout, our favorite influence measurer we all <3 to diss has had a blank home screen for me for about 2 months. Is it because I use Safari? They have all MacBooks in their office, how could this be? I tried to use their feedback form a few months ago to tell them about this, but it had bugs and would never submit. With product this poor, how could they keep people engaged? F- in UX.

DISCLAIMER: Revealing that I even go there has outed me as a loser. I like to think of it as driving by a bad accident, and needing to peek at the wreckage.

I'm with you, Dave.

Every time I'm about to leave Klout for good, I meet someone really great thru it.

But the service's mission is deplorable, the user experience blows, and yes I get blank screens all the time too.

I still go back for the people. Just like Facebook.

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