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Industrial research practices tend to obfuscate, rather than mediate, between quantitative and qualitative research methods. Ironically, nearly every firm in the "innovation space" approaches research problems in the exact same way: there will be a survey, some glib observations, and a lot of useless, decorative neologisms. And nothing of value will be learned.

This is, primarily, because research methods are now so far removed from their roots that they've dried up -- ossified by the inability of the research community to engage intellectually with the methods they rely on. Research needs to evolve. It needs to evolve past "data hoarding," mindless empiricism, and start dealing with fundamental questions of social structure, agency, and culture which have been, until now, all but impossible to capture empirically.

I addition to building an underlying theoretical framework to advance a research perspective beyond "quant" and "qual," my work deals with finding useful ways to objectively quantify and measure abstract concepts normally consigned to subjective reflection (such as 'leadership,' cf. Project Oxygen).

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