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Bras offer lifeline to rescued sex slaves

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Do you have a couple of bras that you bought without trying on and just don't wear? An innovative project called "Free the Girls" uses them to help provide employment to former child sex slaves in Mozambique.

Joyce, this is a great story! Thank you for the CNN post:

“The way people find themselves trafficked is normally out of desperation,” Terpstra said. “I think sometimes we have in our mind that somebody somewhere has a gun and they're stealing them away and selling them. But so often, people are taken advantage of simply because they're so vulnerable.”

Terpstra wanted to help them find jobs, a sustainable income that would make them less vulnerable and reduce their risk of being trafficked again.

He found his answer in the bustling used clothing markets of Mozambique.

They could sell bras, a luxury item that enables them to earn about three times the minimum wage.

Together, Terpstra and Langas founded the charity Free the Girls. She collects donated bras in the United States and he delivers them to sex trafficking survivors to sell.

“Bras actually command the highest price per kilogram in the used clothing market over there,” Langas said. “And so for our girls, why not provide them inventory that they can not only make money off of, but make good money off of?”


Somehow I doubt I could go buy a slave for $90... what's the context for those numbers?

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