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Kate Upton boyfriend?

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Mike Oz writes:

Just when it seemed like Detroit Tiger ace Justin Verlander's life was so perfect, alleged girlfriend Kate Upton goes on TV and says "I'm single."

To a Detroit TV station. On Valentine's Day, no less.

That's what you get for going to spring training, bro. Out of sight, out of mind.

Three possibilities here:

1. They broke up or were never actually together, but we, as good-hearted, "Bachelor"-watching Americans, just wanted to believe in Uplander so much. Now all of our hearts break.

2. Kate is pranking Justin for Valentine's Day. Wouldn't that make her hotter? Having a wicked sense of humor like that?

3. They're doing a Jay-Z/Beyonce thing where they never admit they're together until after they're married and pop out a kid.

We're sure that the men (and women) of America are pulling for No. 1. Because that would mean, yes, they still have a shot with Upton (or Verlander).

All the single men in America:

So you're saying there's a chance... - PandaWhale

Are Kate Upton's boobs real?

The answer:

Update: Upton has a new boyfriend, Maksim.

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