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YCombinator startups are worth BILLIONS.

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I found this via Roham's (Cool board, btw!)

Tomio Geron writes that YC companies are worth almost 8 billion dollars:

The top incubator in our analysis is Y Combinator. When taking into account the 172 companies that have been acquired, shut down or raised funding, the total value is $7.78 billion, for an average of $45.2 million per company. It’s a remarkable figure, considering the Mountain View, Calif.-based firm has been in existence for seven years. The data is of course skewed by certain large companies. Y Combinator did not identify individual companies’ valuations in data that they provided, but Dropbox and Airbnb are very large. Still, even if you remove the two, the firm still has a strong hit ratio and number of absolute hits. Some of its biggest exits include: 280 North, Heroku, OMGPOP, Loopt, Cloudkick, Zecter, Wufoo and Reddit. For comparison, last June, Y Combinator said its top 21 companies were worth $4.7 billion.

Eight billion dollars?!

Mother of God, that's a lot of money.

Less than a year later they are now worth $14.4 billion:

Doubling a portfolio value in under a year?! Wow.

If YCombinator owns just 5 percent that's $700 million for them. 

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