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Tesla's Elon Musk v The New York Times, Round 2 • The Register

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Salacious stories and electric car distaste. Personally, I'd love to have one!

Don't you want them to work out the bugs first?

For the Model S Performance, they already have for the profile of driving I do, so they can just shut up and take my money! (If I could afford the Model S Performance...)

Heh, I was going to say, they'll happily shut up and take your money.

Btw, this is pretty awful if it's true:

TechCrunch covered it, too:

Darrell Etherington writes:

Musk breaks down what went wrong in a number of bullet points, but basically Broder’s car never ran out of juice completely; was charged to a level which he knew wouldn’t be enough to get to his destination at one point; actually exceeded its anticipated range; was driven past charging stations which could’ve helped it finish the journey; and was taken for a lengthy detour through Manhattan not included in the original trip plan.

Other problems add to the reported deception, including climate control settings that run counter to Broder’s stated claims in the article about what he did with in-car heating (turned up the temp when he said he turned it down). The smaller details aren’t necessarily the most consequential, but the fact that Musk has record of even these smaller contradictions in his test vehicle’s logs helps to paint a picture of a writer who seems to have been blatantly gunning for Tesla from the start.

The NYT now has to investigate the claims and report back.

On my trip to the bay area/SV last week, I saw a dozen of them.  They are so beautiful in person.  I see Karma's all the time (which are equally as beautiful) in OC as their hq is right down the street.  We also have a Tesla showroom in Fashion Island.  They definitely have the whole package in terms of allure, but GFD that stupid price for a Model S Performance.  Leasing companies won't touch them, so you can't even get one at a discount. 

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