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The Walking Dead season 3: Rick, Andrea, and Glenn are changing.

The Walking Dead season 3 Rick Andrea and Glenn are changing


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io9 reports:

Comics creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman explains how the group will respond to Rick's clearly slipping sanity:

Things are going to be somewhat more out in the open. Everyone saw that and was wondering what the heck was actually going on there. It seemed like part of the wall was making faces of him! (Laughs.) People are going to be really wary of him, moving forward and what's exactly is going on with Rick. If you see the undercurrent of this episode, you see that forces are moving in Woodbury and there's definitely a confrontation ahead and it's happening at the exact wrong time. This is a guy who's clearly going through some stuff and having a bad time with it. People are going to be unable to look at Rick as a leader at a time when they need him most.

Might Rick confide in anyone about his visions of Lori and Shane?

We've seen Rick keeps things close to the vest. He may go that route here but we also know he has some confidants in Hershel (Scott Wilson). He's shouldered some burden with that guy and worked some things out with him behind the scenes.

Kirkman also discusses some of the other characters, beginning with Andrea's potential as a peacekeeper between the prison and Woodbury groups:

We could possibly see Andrea in that role. She has a vested interest in this impending conflict not destroying both communities or even destroying one. She still has friends in the prison and knows them better than anyone else and would try to use reason before she'd use force. She definitely has the Governor (David Morrissey) as possibly a wrench in that plan.

How will Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie's (Lauren Cohan) torture at the hands of the Governor change them? Could Glenn be the threat to Rick inside the prison?

Glenn's evolution and change has been jumpstarted by the Governor. We've seen him already be more confrontational than we have in the past, and that's going to continue and is going to creep into his relationship with Maggie. Coming out of their encounter in Woodbury, these two have a lot to deal with. Whether or not they're going to deal with it together or allow it to drive them apart, that's what we're going to find out.

There's more at the link. [Live Feed]

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