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LEGO Crime Thief: Silicon Valley tech exec gets popped for stealing LEGOs

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Bruce Newman of the Merc writes:

"Loss prevention" officers at the Target on Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino had never seen anyone take an interest in barcodes like Thomas Langenbach, a top Silicon Valley executive with the global software giant SAP.

Prosecutors charged Monday that Langenbach used the tools of his trade -- computer code and the Internet -- to steal a Santa's workshop worth of LEGO toys, bringing his own barcode stickers to the store, using them to cover up the real ones, then purchasing his plastic prey at enormous discounts.

"In his house, we found hundreds of boxes of unopened LEGO sets," said Liz Wylie, a spokeswoman for the Mountain View police. "He sold 2,100 items in just over a year on eBay, and made $30,000. The motive was clearly money. Why does he want the money? I don't know. I can think of a million different possible scenarios. For some people it's boredom. For some it's a compulsive thing." Langenbach's eBay selling handle was "tomsbrickyard."

The man stole 30 Grand worth of LEGOs using fake barcodes.

Mother of God.

LOL thats funny. Lego products are pretty over priced though. He should have had some Lego masterpiece in garage, at least then he could say he did it for arts sake and would also make an awesome police auction.

Either he was dumb or he wanted to get caught.

What person keeps pilfering from the same store over and over?

And why keep stealing LEGOs instead of something more valuable?

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