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Hala Fruit = Pandanus Tectorius

Hala Fruit Pandanus Tectorius


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I think pandas would enjoy eating this fruit.

Looks delicious!

I read that it's not that tasty. It looks SO SO SO tasty.  I choose not to believe the internet on this one until I get to eat it myself.  

Any idea where we can acquire such a fruit?

I agree, it looks really good!

Kind of looks like a fruity artichoke!

It does! I wonder if it tastes like one, too.

It looks like it should taste like the source ingredient for gummi bears.

Or candy corn! Or Skittles! I want to taste the rainbow!!!

Taste the rainbow gif

That region also has these:

But I'm still distracted by this...

Hala Fruit - Imgur

The pandanus plant was used extensively by the native Hawaiians.

The fruit pictured above was dried out and used as a toothbrush.

The leaves of the hala tree was used for weaving mats, hats, and baskets.The pattern made by the weaving of hala leaves is associated with Hawaii but can be seen in artwork of many island peoples.

I also just found out it's used as an aphrodisiac. HAH!

They used this pre-Contact Love Potion #9 to perfume their bedding and dust like talc beneath their malo, or loincloths.

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