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“Scouting” the Competition | TheLadders Blog

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TheLadders is one of those essential online services. I got a terms of service notification change as a result of their new feature. You get teh aggregate information for salary, eduction, etc. for others applying for a job.

It's a little creepy, but in kind of a wonderful way.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Have you ever gotten a job through them or are they just useful for the data?

I've had a lot of interesting leads through them.  More generally, the only job offers I've gotten my whole career have been through my personal network, and the only serious interviews have been through soft-touch, high end recruiters, so I'm not sure Internet Job boards are all that useful.  

I think I pre-paid a year last time I was looking.  It's useful as one of many starting points to find out what high end jobs are available within my area before they hit the mainstream.  So in terms of "fees", it was equivalent to subscribing to a professional journal, or about $75.  To me it was worth it.  For someone looking for a top 5% salary job, complaining about that much is just hurting yourself. 

I was happy with the service they provided.  The real scam part was the resume writing service.  I think contractors offered to rewrite your resume for $500 or $1000 and up after giving a free resume critique. They knew less about the different types of resumes, presentation styles, and tailoring than most people I knew, i.e. they had never tailored a resume for a specific top job. 

I've never known a résumé to help once you have referrals from your network and recruiters.

I do think it's helpful to think of The Ladders as a professional magazine in terms of the fees.

Too bad LinkedIn Pro isn't as useful as The Ladders this way.

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