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Doctor_Science_Jr on My(14m) mom(30f)is remarrying and there isn't room for me. She's sending me to live with dad(33m) who I haven't seen

Doctor Science Jr on My 14m mom 30f is remarrying and there isn t room for me She s sending me to live with dad 33m who I haven t seen


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I liked his answer, particularly this part:

You are the warmth in your own world. When it's cold, that is the most important time to show that warmth to others. In turn, over time, they will share their warmth with you. Look for that warmth. Cherish it. Choose your friends carefully. Build ties with people who show you care and concern, drop ties with those who are too wrapped up in themselves to give back. Be the kind of person you would want to be friends with, and your good friends will always resonate with you.

Be hard, but not cold.

You seem like a great kid. Smart. Thoughtful. Aren't a lot of 'em who bring out the old man in me. Maybe when you're my age, you'll tell someone the same thing.

You're gonna be fine. You got this, no matter what. It's shit like this that breaks a man or makes one, and you've got everything it takes to pull through. Gonna be a helluva man, son. Helluva man.

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