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Tyrion slapping Joffrey gifs

Tyrion eyebrows gif Imgur


High quality version of this gif:

Tyrion slaps Joffrey is at the beginning of Game of Thrones S1E2.

Tyrion eyebrows is in that next scene of S1E2, at breakfast.

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Brace yourselves, the Joff slapping is coming...

I could watch this all day.

tyrion slapping joffrey gif Imgur

Perhaps it was just a misunderstanding?

tyrion hits Joffrey gif imgur eat sand young man smack vanilla wafers

Tyrion slaps Joffrey gif

Cersei slaps Joffrey gif

Tyrion slaps Joffrey gif

Lets see that third one again...

Joffrey doesn't get slapped NEARLY as much as he should. - Imgur

Why oh why did Batman have to save King Joffrey?

batman slap joffrey gif

Joffrey bitchslapped meme

We can still enjoy this.

slap joffrey gif

slapping joffrey gif

Tyrion Lannister piss off a wall top gif

Cersei slapping Joffrey mother slap gif

One more time...

cersei slap joffrey gif

Tell me now, how does it feel?

slap frowning joffrey nodding gif

Joffrey prefers clapping to slapping:

Remember what the Hound says:

tyrion slaps joffrey meme Hound quote the prince will remember that little lord Game of Thrones season 1 Imgur

10 hours of Joffrey slaps:

The Best of King Joffrey:

High quality Tyrion slapping Joffrey gif:

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