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Only played 8 games in the playoffs... Already have more wins than the Bobcats.

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The San Antonio Spurs.

They may not be exciting, but they win.

"The Spurs have had the same core of players -- Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan -- for much of the past decade. All three have spent their careers with the team: they’ve just played their hundred and thirtieth playoff game together. There have been no Decisions; no one has taken his talents to Miami, or anywhere else. Parker never dunks. Ginobili dunks, but only rarely. When Duncan dunks, he simply drops the ball into basket, then turns to figure out where he should be on defense. Nothing to see here, folks, move along. The main reason for the team’s success is Duncan, a player so efficient and squeaky clean that the best way to understand him, or at least the public perception of him, is to peruse the archives of The Onion, which has crafted an image of Duncan as our country’s most noble citizen. (From this season: “Groans Abound as Tim Duncan Raises Hand Once Again at City Council Meeting.”) Duncan has missed the All-Star game only twice in his career -- chances are he hasn’t missed any parent-teacher conferences. The N.B.A., more than any other league, is driven by personalities, and a great deal of the interest in the league is driven by the flaws, actual or perceived, that have made Kobe, LeBron, Carmelo, and others so fascinating to talk about. Just about the only critical thing anyone has found to say about Duncan is to suggest that he, at thirty-six, might be getting too old. Oh, to age so gracefully."

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Anyone who thinks the Spurs are boring does not really like basketball.

They have an unflashy style of play, they make few mistakes, and they have no off-court drama.

Such lack of theatrics would never be tolerated in New York or Los Angeles.

No off-court drama... except that one time when Tony Parker's movie-star wife divorced him because he was sleeping with a teammate's wife?

Eh. For the NBA that's as common as bad knees.

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