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The Governor's evil insanity beats Rick's plain insanity on The Walking Dead....

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Rob Bricken calls the shot:

Kindly Redneck-but-possibly-a-Pederast prisoner flirts with a rather responsive Carol until the Governor shoots him in the goddamned head.

And that's when the episode kicks into high gear, i.e., people shooting at each other for pretty much 10 minutes straight without a single line of dialogue. After last week's slow goings (and the mid-season break), I'd been jonesing for the visceral thrills that Walking Dead does so well, and "Home" delivered.

Specifically, what it delivered was the Governor and a few iof his minions basically shooting at every single person in the Prison Crew and managing to shoot every square inch around them while somehow not hitting them. It's silly, but the episode writer/director wisely chose to film the entirely, lengthy sequence without dialogue, ratcheting up the tension despite the fact no one else even gets a scratch. Besides, who needs gunshot victims when the Governor has somebody drive a van full of zombies through the prison's outer fences and lets them loose in the yard?

The Walking Dead season 3 episode 10 HOME

This sadism (and the fact he took only a few, hand-picked men, and lied to everyone else at Woodbury about it) proves beyond a doubt that the Governor is purely in this for revenge and the Zombie Delivery van is sadism for sadism's sake. I mean, if the Governor were just eliminating a threat, he'd bring in his army and clean house. The Governor wants the Prison crew to suffer before their die. This is obviously part one of his Fuck Everybody at the Prison's Shit Up plan, and it went swimmingly. And this pure maliciousness wears well both on the Governor and David Morrissey.

Just like him, I'm tired of "crazy Rick".

Let's make this about sane Rick vs the very evil, twisted Governor, and we'll have a decent storyline for the rest of season 3.

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