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Biologists Create 'Zombie Cells' In The Lab Which Outperform Living Counterparts

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Who said it wasn't just a movie.

Or a television show / graphic novel. (The Walking Dead rocks!)

Seriously, though, this article calls it. Zombies are real, man.

is it bad to want an outbreak? 

It's not bad, as long as you're training for the aftermath.

Things could get very messy very fast once an outbreak happens.

Oh yeah. Look at the bath salts scare a while back. If there was an outbreak, the scare alone would get messy as the actual outbreak would catch up later.

In times of chaos, the person who keeps calm tends to do better.

If movies haven't lied to me, that is.

-_- are those biologists insane? what if they'll create and outbreak and all of us will be exposed to that thing or whatever... it's gonna be the end ... GENERATION Z-ombie ... they should make sure that the movies won't become so TRUE!!!! i hate this topic.. i hate those biologists :'( they should think of another way of accomplishing there dreams... :P :'( END ... ZOMBIES BITE you! x(

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