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The dark side of World Goth Day – GeekOut - Blogs

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I found out about Goth Day once when I was at Disneyland, apparently on Goth Day. Talk about a bummer. There were all these sad kids walking around Disneyland, just bumming everyone out.

After reading that article I'm wondering what kind of person would brutally beat up a goth or emo.

"There are quite a few Goths who have fought damn hard to retain their identity despite peer pressure, family pressure and indeed, any pressure to conform."

Goths, I salute you.

Goths @Disneyland == ( fire + luke-warm-water )

where @Disneyland == earth.☺-est_place();

I would never beat them up...

That said, is it legal to spike the Disneyland water system with Prozac?

Just for a day?

joker obama

Goths on Prozac would be an awesome name for an emo band.

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