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9mm Uzi Sold At Florida Gun Show No Background Check

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"This gun is only meant for killing people," the reader said. "It's just a wall of lead. It's so f--king cool!"

Mother of God:

How much does a gun like this cost? The 9mm Uzi, with a fully automatic conversion kit, sold for $1,400. Because the gun was used, there was no background check; the only item required for purchase was a local driver's license. 

The automatic conversion is simple, though laws vary on how legal the modification is. Once it's converted though, the Uzi 9mm can shoot up to 600 rounds per minute with a range of up to 200 meters, or as far as two football fields.

The Uzi came with two 32 round clips, and he expects to sell it for up to $6,000 if laws are passed limiting such purchases in the future.

It's a little more than a pellet gun!

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