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Experience: I've been rescued 15 times

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As the "rescues" mounted up, so did the anger of the harbourmaster and the RNLI. They raged at me for wasting time and money – it costs £2,500 for each call-out. By the 14th rescue, they threatened to ban me from Newquay harbour and I earned the nickname Captain Calamity. I was also described as a "bloody menace". They were so fed up with coming to my aid that the coastguards would simply write "Him again" in their logbook.

Great story of perseverance with a happy ending for all.

I'm a little confused -- why did he keep getting into situations where he needed to be rescued?

"Once I had got the hang of righting the boat, I was fine. It took a while, though – around 20 minutes – and each time I capsized, well-meaning people on the beach would phone 999, thinking that I was in mortal danger. I wasn't – I was having a whale of a time – but once the coastguards had been called, they had a duty to come out to help me, however unwanted that help was.

I understood where they were coming from – they had an obligation to help me – but I wished they would check first that I wanted to be rescued. I am a strong swimmer and enjoy a wipeout in a big wave."

Oh, I see. He was doing fine but they HAD to help him if someone called him.

Thanks, I missed that part.

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