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Introducing Google Glass Ventures?

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Maybe this will just turn out to be Google's version of the Segway, a revolutionary device that no one really wants to use. But there's a decent chance that it will be closer to the iPhone -- a must-have product that spawns an entire new universe of companies.

That's why a bunch of venture capitalists I've spoken to today sound more excited than they have in years, and all are "working multiple angles" to get their hands on one. No one can quite define for me what the future investment opportunities will be, but why not an app that connects photo snaps to a slightly-longer eyelid blink? Or facial recognition software that connects people at a business event to your LinkedIn (LNKD) account? Seriously, there are some endless possibilities.

I don't think they're exaggerating.

The only problem right now is the price. $1500 is unaffordable.

You saw the pictures I posted of them, right?

Yes, I did!  Did I ever!   :-)

Now if they can just get the price down...

I'm cautiously optimistic about google glasses. When you disrupting such basic thing as using hands to do things, it's does not come easy. Segway attempted to disrupt walking and this did not go far. Google will need to be very focused and work really hard to get it right. So, while I'm on the edge of my chair waiting to get my hands on Google Glasses, I will see how it goes before I invest into building an app for that.

That's an excellent point.

It could change the world or it might be too early. We'll see.

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