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The Presumptive Philosopher: "Hypocrisyism" - New Heights/Depths of Depravity

Stashed in: Political Pedophila -the Loss of Innocence

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According to NewsBusters, since the Jesse Jackson, Jr. scandal broke last week, ABC, CBS, and NBC refused to identify him as a Democrat in 73% of their stories (11 out of 15). In the week following the Elliot Spitzer scandal, they refused to identify him as a Democrat 80% of the time. In 22 stories following the John Corzine scandal in 2011, he was only labelled a Democrat once (1 out of 22). In 2008, jailbird Kwame Kilpatrick was only identified as a Democrat twice in 40 network stories. Compare that to Mark Sanford: In the 24 hours after that scandal broke, all three networks had already identified him as a Republican. It took them 5 days to identify Jackson as a Democrat.

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