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The Communist Manifesto: Obama's Intentionality Described by Bill Whittle

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Bill Whittle: “I no longer see a pathway where the ruination of this country can be blamed on incompetence or even rank stupidity. There’s no other explanation left for me now than a deliberate attempt to destroy this economy.”

"Do you see any other explanation for this spending that everybody knows--everybody knows--what's going to happen here?"

Tony's remark "For quite some time, I thought that only things that makes sense to all these "mistakes" were that they are NO mistakes...look at his history, look at his associates and ..."it really took Us (not me) to bet it? shows you what happens when a populace has had it too good for too long"(tv)

Be sure to watch Bill's intro...he sums it all up well. (TG)

I hear all these meaningless complains for a while. Inflation, debt, etc. Can, so called, "conservatives" actually get something good done or can just complain?

Liberals are known for where is this discussion going to do good?

Well, let's look at what actually was done in 4 years:  ended of two wars, entrepreneurial friendly revamp of medical system, prevention of global financial system collapse, saved auto-industry, serious stock market jump. Hm, looks good to me. Looking forward to 4 more years. 

I'm pretty sure Obama is the first person in history, who's Nobel Prize was called a failure. Just relax and enjoy 4 more years.

Sergey, are you older than forty or younger?  University educated or?

Educated, younger than 40.

tell me what you think of this..

I think conspiracy theories is a form of entreatment business, which has very good loyal following and great way to make money. So this lady is doing good job at promoting her book. 

Generally, I do support the idea of schools teaching people think, navigating aways from religion and breaking tribal thinking patterns. Some ideas pushed by these programs are good and some are bad. Nothing is perfect. The ideas will evolve and improve. 

If she is making a conspiracy theory out of this process, this is her business.

herein lies the problem.  Truly enriched indoctrination when you don't accept the fact the Holocaust really did happen...and It was a conspiracy...

That lady was, in fact, a reality....

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality


If there is anything to learn from Ayn Rand, it will be to think for yourself. To use reason and personal judgement to interpret the facts. 

I do not deny the facts presented in the video about education. I disagree with the interpretation, valuation and conclusions. I also state that there is money to be made from ill-conceived interpretations like this.

I see...

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