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Introduction to triggers by @nireyal ...

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One of my favorite posts ever from @nireyal is about triggers:

When a product is able to become tightly coupled with a thought, an emotion, or a pre-existing habit, it creates an “internal trigger.” Unlike external triggers, which are sensory stimuli, like a phone ringing or an ad online telling us to “click here now!,” you can’t see, touch, or hear an internal trigger. Internal triggers manifest automatically in the mind and creating them is the brass ring of consumer technology.

We check Twitter when we feel boredom. We pull up Facebook when we’re lonesome. The impulse to use these services is cued by emotions. But how does an app like Instagram create internal triggers in Yin and millions of other users? Turns out there is a stepwise approach to create internal triggers.

Nir describes the steps to creating internal triggers:

  1. Educate and acquire with external triggers.

  2. Create desire.

  3. Affix the internal trigger.

Now that we have names for the steps, I just gotta figure out how to apply them...

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