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"I’m not, as a matter of principle, averse to the idea of Washington as a den of rich idiots fucking everyone and each other over in the pursuit of a higher station, but I do object to the notion that what makes for an evil Congressman is that he’s willing to strangle a dog. No, what makes an evil Congressman is that he weeps for the dog but votes for the war."

This could be quite entertaining:

"Superficially a revenge drama—Spacey’s Congressman Frank Underwood gets screwed over for a cabinet appointment and seeks, well, revenge—the series’ hook and appeal is really that it presents the dark seamy rat-infested underbelly of Washington and American politics."

I'm still debating whether or not to subscribe to Netflix for this.

But just the fact that their producing "House of Cards" is making me consider it means that Netflix is winning.

I'd recommend subscribing.  House of Cards is superbly done, and you can watch it, on demand, from any device.  You can easily steam through the entire season in less than a month, making the stream only fee for a month a no-brainer IMHO.  Definitely better value than going to the movie theater.  

Thank you Jay!

I will probably wait until May so I can watch the new Arrested Development, too:

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