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2010: trailblazing British football manager Keith Alexander dies after second brain aneurysm

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Keith Alexander is the only person I've ever heard of who had two burst brain aneurysms several years apart.  The one in 2003 was a double, but he evidently recovered completely; the one in 2010 killed him.

I searched the Web for "second aneurysm" and didn't find much.

I did find this:

How Long Until I Get Better?

A famous rehabilitation pioneer, George Prigatano, Ph.D., frequently tells his patients “If the brain is alive, it can learn.”

If you are an aneurysm survivor, you need to listen carefully to these inspiring and assuring words. Dr. Prigatano teaches his patients that the brain can be trusted to learn new skills for a lifetime. If you believe that you cannot improve further, you will become depressed and inactive. If you give up trying to improve, you may even lapse into apathy and decline.

It's important to believe you can keep learning.


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